About Us

Tomoe Soroban Co., Ltd, is one of the major Soroban manufacturers in Japan and has been established since 1920. We have been exporting sorobans as well as the educational tools to more than 50 countries. Our Sorobans are assembled by specially trained craftsmen at our own factory in Japan. So, the quality has been always kept at the top level in the world.

About Us
About Us

You will find the best quality of Soroban/Abacus and related educational tools, such as Soroban Flash cards, textbooks, and 100-bead abacus on our “Online Shopping Center”. Our mission is to boost the children’s calculation skills and number sense with Soroban/Abacus.

Company Name Tomoe Soroban Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President Tomoe Fujimoto
Headquarters 1-10, Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0011
TEL 813-5269-8181
FAX 813-5269-8182
E-mail info@soroban.com
Category of business Manufacturer and selling of Soroban/Abacus, Developing educational tools
About Us
About Us

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