How to Buy

How to Buy

1.Please put each product into the shopping cart.

Please click the “Add to the cart” button, and check the product and quantity.
Please click + for adding and – for subtracting the quantity.
Please click “Continue Shopping“ or “Go back to Shopping” to continue shopping.

2.Registration / Enter Your Information

【New User】
If you are a new user, please fill in the required information and see the credit card payment information. Then, press “Submit.”
【Registered Member】
Please enter your password and e-mail address
※If you are a new user, you will receive your password via email.
You will be able to shop easily the next time you come back!

3.Your new order and payment information

After checking you order details, please press “Submit”, and then click the credit card payment information.

4.Your order is submitted.

You will receive an order confirmation message. So, please keep it just in case.

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