What is a Soroban

A Soroban/a Japanese abacus which is a traditional calculating tool has multiple advantages in the digital age. The soroban has been a valuable mathematical one in a technological age.

What is a Soroban
What is a Soroban

It is certain that practicing a soroban helps children to develop their mental calculation skills. It is also proven that concentration level is significantly increased.

“Soroban” is a recognized term and the word of Soroban is introduced on the Webster Dictionary. We would like to introduce the advantages of learning a soroban as one of the Japanese cultures.

What is a Soroban

We also believe that soroban will provide a greater understanding between Japan and your country.

When you study how to use the soroban, you will gain a great deal in your mathematical understanding. Many educators point out the strong points of the soroban displaying the numbers the same way as in the decimal system.

1It is easy to understand the basic number system such as base-ten and place values by soroban.
Although soroban is a concrete tool, the number as shown on the abacus is a visual representation of the decimal system. Our website with both the concrete and visual helps children to understand the concept of place value and the base ten system much more easily.

What is a Soroban

2You will understand the concepts of carrying and borrowing in arithmetic.

3You will understand the combinations of five and ten and their complementary numbers.

4The Children will understand the calculation process step by step.

5You will understand to visualize the close relationship between concrete numbers and abstract numerals.

6Children have a positive attitude toward their study when they are using a calculating tool.
Children enjoy using a soroban and they like to move the beads. They are able to learn place value really effectively and can pick up the techniques very quickly. They understand the number concepts better than just using paper and pencils.

7Practicing a soroban develops children's mental calculation skill.

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