Jamaica green

Jamaica green

Brand name:Jamaica green

Size:Diameter: 85 mm,  Weight: 30 g

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The "Jamaica" has 2 black dice and 5 white dice. The object of this game is to match a total of the 2 black dice and the total of the 5 white dice. For instance, when the numbers of 2 black dice show 20 and 4, what we do is to add these two numbers. The sam of them is 24. On the other hand, when eahc number with white dice shows a 6, 3, 4, 5, and 1, what we do is to add, to subtract, to multiply or to divide to make 24. We must use each number once. eg: 6x(5+1)-(3x4) = 24 (6X4)X(5-3-1) = 24 If you try this game with some of your friends, everyone may have own formula to reach 24. Now, let's roll the dice, and boost your brain power ! Pick up your favorite colour : Red, Yellow, Green

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