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As illustrated below, the Soroban is calculating instrument with a number of counting beads that slide back and for th along rods.

A s illustrated below, the Soroban/Abacus is calculating instrument with a number of counting beads that slide back and for th along rods.

  • The four lower beads all have a value of ONE.
  • The upper bead has a value of FIVE.
  • The columns to the LEFT of any other column is ten times bigger, and the column to the RIGHT has a value ten times smaller.


  • You always use the thumb and finger of your strongest hand to move the beads up and own. Always keep the three unused fingers tucked into the palm of the hand, but lightly.
  • Always use the thumb to add the one value beads.
  • Always use the forefinger to add the five value beads and to take away any of the beads.

How to display numbers

Here is an easy way to clear the Soroban/Abacus and make it show zero before operations.

  • Before starting to calculate on the Soroban/Abacus, hold the Soroban/Abacus with the left hand on the left hand side of the Soroban/Abacus, if you are right-handed, and the opposite way if you are left-handed.
  • Gently lay the Soroban/Abacus down flat on the desk.
  • Move your right forefinger from left to right along the upper edge of the bar gently pushing the 5 beads with your forefinger finger nail. This will push up all the top beads. When all the top beads are up and all the bottom beads are down, the Soroban/Abacus shows zero.
  • Look at the images below. These show you the numbers 1 to 9 as they would appear on a Soroban/Abacus.

Now Let's Play Soroban !!

Let's Enjoy
If you don't have a real Soroban,you can try using our VIRTUAL Soroban!!
  • There are two ways to show the numbers on this virtual Soroban/Abacus.
  • Click the bead, and you will get that bead to move up or down.
  • Drag your mouse up and down, left to right, and the beads will move in the same way.
  • You can also use the INPUT box to type in a number and you can watch the number appear on the virtual.
  • When you press the Reset button, you are able to clear the Soroban/Abacus. We have been trying to make our virtual Soroban/Abacus move like the a Soroban/Abacus.

You can download the virtual Soroban/Abacus by clicking here

The file is in a zipped format. You can use any unzipping program to unzip it such as AlZip