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Ms. Danica Banzic as a Certified Soroban Teacher

Ms. Danica Banzic who is an experienced soroban teacher in Serbia came to Tomoe Soroban to take a “Soroban Instructor’s Course” on May 29th and 30th. Although Danica has been teaching soroban for children in Serbia for years, she would like to acquire Japanese traditional soroban skills in Japan. After two days intensive lessons and tough examinations, Danica has finally completed the course with excellent results. Congratulations, Danica!!

The "Tomoe Flash Mental Calculation Game" Is Now Available on Your Smartphone !

The "Flash Mental Calculation Game" made by Tomoe Soroban is renewed !!
You can participate the Flash Mental Calculation Game with free of charge and can compete other participants to be a champion of the world.
We add the following two calculation: 2-digit, 5-number. 3-digit, 5-number. It is available for you to access from your Smartphone. So, you can try anytime you like. This game is also made to be used for a large screen. So, it can be used at the Mental Calculation Tournament.
Let's try now !

The Best Seller Author and the BBC visited Tomoe Soroban

Mr. Alex Bellos published his book, titled "Alex's Adventures in Numberland," in 2010. Since them, this book has been one of the Sunday Times Bestsellers in U.K.
Japanese soroban is introduced as a very sophisticated educational tool for sevral pages in this book. Mr. Alex Bellos came to visit Japan with one of the BBC producers in August, 2012 for the report of soroban study. They also visited Tomoe Soroban and intervewed us in order to deepen soroban knowledge and further information.

High School Students from Denmark visit Tomoe Soroban to Study Soroban

11 high school students who have been studying Japanese language at Rungsted Gymnasium in Denmark and two teachers visited Tomoe Soroban in Tokyo on Oct.
13th. They studied soroban as well as the mental calculation for 2 hours.
All students acquired how to use soroban and got correct answers on Yomiagezan. Good job !!

Soroban was introduced by Euro News

Soroban was introduced by Euro News and many people in Europe were amazed to see how soroban works in the world of Math education.

NCTM Baltimore 2010

The 2010 NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Regional Conference and Exposition was held from Oct. 14 to 15 in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.
Ms. Tomoe Fujimoto and Hiroo Kodama performed a 100-Bead Abacus workshop for 90 minutes on Oct. 14. The 60 participants who are Mathematics teachers in the U.S. acquired basic skills of using a 100-Bead Abacus.

Ms. Tomoe Fujimoto and Mr. Hiroo Kodama performed a "SOROBAN WORKSHOP" at NCTM, in San Diego CA, U.S.A. on April 23.

The 2010 NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual meeting and Exposition was held from April 21 to 24 in San Diego, CA, U.S.A.
Ms. Tomoe Fujimoto and Hiroo Kodama performed a soroban workshop for 90 minutes on April 23. The participants who are Mathematics teachers all over the U.S. acquired basic skills of using soroban as well as the mental arithmetic.

Christmas soroban

To celebrate this special time of the year, we at Tomoe Soroban Ltd., have produced a very special, limited addition soroban.
As you can see it has the colours of holly leaves and red berries. This will be available for a short time, so please put your order in today, and we will rush it out to you. We are offering it at a special price of 2000 yen., so put your orders in to save missing out.
Christmas soroban

Introducing the World’s First Abacus-Tutoring Software Program

ShowMe Soroban – Abacus Tutor by SENAPPS 
The world’s First Abacus – Tutoring Software (age 6 and up)
This innovative and fun software for MS windows computers is an excellent soroban – training program for any Abacus student. Program shows and explains how to do each lesson and practice problem step-by-step.

S.S.Brain. Free trial available now.

You can try our new program, S.S.Brain!! It's free Now. If you are a soroban learner, you can boost your calculation ability with S.S Brain. We bet you like it!!

NCTM Information

We are going to have a Soroban Workshop at NCTM in Salt Lake City on April 11th.

Our website renewed.

Our website is now renewed. We hope you enjoy our new website. Visit our new online shopping site!! Your comments are always welcome.